A Menstrual Tech Youth Program For Black and Brown Girls Ages 10-14


About FlowTech4Girls

FlowTech4Girls™ is a social and technology innovation program designed to introduce Black and Brown girls to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) activities, menstrual health education, advocacy, and mentorship.

This program is currently being offered to Black and Brown girls ages 10-14 living in the Greater Boston area.


​Each participant have the opportunity to learn about puberty, the physiology of the menstrual cycle, and public health from women of color experts.


By the end of the program, girls will have gained menstrual health knowledge and skills facilitating health education workshops amongst their peers. 

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Girls work together to design a period mobile app. Participants will also learn the basics of coding and mobile app development.


By the end of the program, girls will have designed and added features to our period mobile app, Our Flow.

Girls learn about youth organizing and receive advocacy training.

By the end of the program, girls will have gained transferrable leadership skills and become menstrual equity leaders in their communities.

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An integral part of FlowTech4Girls is mentorship. Throughout the program, girls will receive mentorship from women of color in medicine, public health, technology, and community organizing. 

By the end of the program, girls will have built trusting relationships with mentors whom they can go to for support and guidance.


Why FlowTech4Girls?

It is well known that cultural stigmas and lack of menstrual education can cause fear and shame globally for girls beginning their menstrual journey at menarche-occurrence of the first period. FlowTech4Girls participants will destigmatize menstrual health by designing a youth focused technology platform to educate, inform, support, and empower Black and Brown girls throughout their adolescent menstrual journey. In turn, the participants will be mentored and educated by Black and Brown women in technology, engineering, medicine, public health and civic engagement.